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An offering for the securities described herein is only made pursuant to a Private Placement Memorandum and is only available to “accredited investors” as that term is defined by Regulation D promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. See also the disclaimer at the end of this presentation.

Why You'll Like This Passive Income Real Estate Investment Opportunity

 ~ 1.97x – 2.07x Projected Equity Multiplier 

~ 19.40% – 21.40%
Projected AAR

~ 90%+ Year One Depreciation

Dallas/Fort Worth Property

Ashland Greene At Valley Ranch

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Ashland Greene At Valley Ranch (AGVR) is an investment opportunity consisting of an off-market property of institutional quality in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
AGVR is available only to verified accredited investors.



Minimum investment $50,000.

Ashland Greene has averaged annualized returns of 28% over an average hold period of 2.8 years.

We are projecting year one depreciation of ~90%+. Both Class A and Class B investors will receive the same year-one depreciation.


* A Preferred Return is NOT a guaranteed quarterly coupon, but a simple return that is accrued annually and is offered to the investors before the sponsor participates in any upside.

The sponsor is not compensated until the preferred return is achieved and the full original capital contribution has been repaid to the investor.

Learn more about this passive real estate investment opportunity, meet the sponsor team, and get all of your questions answered!

Ashland Greene Delivers Results

The Vertical Integration Advantage

We live and work where we invest. We know these communities and understand the needs of the residents. Our proximity to all of our properties allows us to respond immediately to any need. Our centralized resources provide flexibility to deploy when and where needed.

The first 24 months are the most crucial time for takeover in order to execute our business plan.

  • Complete vertical integration provides Ashland Greene with complete control over every step of the process – allowing for tighter operational control and a more efficient business plan execution.
  • Our team works in unison from acquisition, asset management, financial reporting, property management, and construction management to disposition. Connected during every integral piece of the business plan.

What Investors Are Saying

Investing With Ashland Greene

Simple Process – Transparent Communication – Investor Education & Networking



Ashland Greene has delivered:

  • $1.1B+ Total Transactions
  • 6,700+ Units Acquired
  • 1,400+ Investors
  • 6 Exits
  • Ashland Greene is averaging an Averaged Annualized Return of ~28% on their exits where the average hold period is 2.8 years.

We live and work where we invest. We know these communities and understand the needs of the residents.

Our proximity to all of our properties allows us to respond immediately to any need. Our centralized resources provide flexibility to deploy when and where needed.

Our corporate team of 40+ experienced professionals, coupled with our on-site team of 170+ professionals provides a distinct advantage for strategy implementation and delivering results.

In the Deal Room, you can access the webinar recording, investor deck, and subscription documents to move forward with the opportunity.
LEARN MORE! Enter the Deal Room.: Ashland Greene Value At Valley Ranch Deal Room

The minimum investment is $50,000.

An accredited investor is one who earned $200,000+ for at least the past 2 years ($300,000+ if investing jointly)
has a net worth of $1,000,000+ outside of their primary residence.

You can learn more here.

Yes, investments are accepted via 401k/IRA funds.

The projected hold time is a 3 – 5-year hold.

Historically, Ashland Greene has averaged a hold time of 2.8 years.

Distributions are processed from excess cash flows on a quarterly schedule. These are processed one month post-quarter close via ACH only (no paper checks).

Ashland Greene provides K-1s every year for their investors, which are emailed by April 1st and available in their Juniper Square investor portal.

Investors are projected to receive ~90%+ of year 1 depreciation. Please consult with your CPA on how to use/carry over the depreciation.

Yes. Class A and Class B investors receive the same year-one depreciation.

The Sponsors are investing 5 to 10% of the total LP raise.

A Preferred Return is NOT a coupon. A Preferred Return is offered to the investors before the Sponsor participates in any upside. The Sponsor is not compensated until the principal AND the preferred return (Class A: 16% and Class B: 12%) has been repaid to the investor.

For example, if a Class A investor commits $250,000 and the property is held for 5 years, once the investor has received their principal of $250,000 AND $200,000 (16% return over the 5-year hold) totaling $450,000, the Sponsor will then participate in the upside.

A 506(c) offering is a Regulation D securities offering only available to accredited investors.


Learn more about Ashland Greene at AshlandGreene.com


General Disclaimer

This Business Plan contains privileged and confidential information and unauthorized use of this information in any manner is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately. This Business Plan is for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is from sources believed to be reliable, however, no representation by Ashland Greene (“Sponsor(s)”), either expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy of any information on properties described herein. Investors should conduct their own research to determine the accuracy of any statements made. An investment in this offering will be a speculative investment and subject to significant risks, therefore investors are encouraged to consult with their personal legal and tax advisors. Neither the Sponsor(s), nor their representatives, officers, employees, affiliates, sub-contractor, or vendors are providing tax, legal, or investment advice. Nothing in this document is intended to be or should be construed as such advice. The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has not passed upon the merits of or given its approval to the terms of the offering, or the accuracy or completeness of any offering materials. However, prior to making any decision to contribute capital, all investors must review and execute the Private Placement Memorandum and related offering documents. The securities are subject to legal restrictions on transfer and resale and investors should not assume they will be able to resell their securities. Potential investors and other readers are also cautioned that forward-looking statements contained herein are predictions only based on current information, assumptions, and expectations that are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause future events or results to differ materially from those set forth or implied by such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology, such as “may,” “will,” “seek,” “should,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “project, “estimate,” “intend,” “continue,” or “believe” or the negatives thereof or other variations thereon or comparable terminology. These forward-looking statements are only made as of the date of this Business Plan and Sponsor(s) undertake no obligation to publicly update such forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. Financial DisclaimerThis Business Plan further contains future financial projections and forecasts. These estimated projections are based on numerous assumptions and hypothetical scenarios and Sponsor(s) explicitly makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to any financial projection or forecast or any of the assumptions underlying them. This Business Plan further contains performance data that represents past performances. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data presented. All return examples provided are based on assumptions and expectations in light of currently available information, industry trends, and comparisons to competitors’ financials. Therefore, actual performance may, and most likely will, substantially differ from these projections, and no guarantee is presented or implied as to the accuracy of specific forecasts, projections or predictive statements contained in this Business Plan. The Sponsor(s) further makes no representations or warranties that any investor will, or is likely to, achieve profits similar to those shown in the proformas or other financial projections. Please note that securities will only be offered and sold to “accredited investors” as that term is defined in Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated by the SEC.
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